Relocation transport charges at a time we have to pay and security

Relocation transport charges March 2016 and the price increase for general public increase security procedures. increase transport costs for the employees leaving the firm  due to compulsory transfer (amortization). The employee has to pay 50% of the transportation charge plus VAT on the sum paid for accommodation under special arrangements with the relocation company. The relocation company collects the transportation charges from employees as a part of the income calculation for the previous accounting period that ends with September 30th.

Everybody knows that the cost of living in Dhahran is very high. But few people are aware that there is a security charge for relocation transport and that it starts from the moment you start moving and doesn’t stop until you return. There’s also a tax for each day you spend over a certain limit in Dhahran, with an upper limit set at Dh50k for a single person and Dh100k for a company. And there’s a monthly maintenance charge for both your apartment and your house (this one is entirely normal).

We live in a global village and the costs of relocation can be staggering. If we lose our job or get fired we will be faced with unemployment payments and still have bills to pay from the time we left until we got re-employed. When it comes to relocating people due to business reasons or personal reasons, any cost can come with a hefty price tag, even if it’s a one-off charge for transport costs or full cancellation of utilities till you get relocated.

“Relocation transport may be provided for a period not exceeding fourteen days and on condition that the employee starts work at the new place not earlier than three months after the date of departure, complete with payment of relocation costs and any applicable taxes or fees.”

We know that relocation is often a stressful and time consuming process. Relocation charges are different depending on where you are relocating from. They may include materials, transportation, insurance and other costs incurred during the relocation. Depending on your situation, relocation will either help you out financially or have a negative impact on several categories.

The relocation of employees is also a time when there is a need to provide transport, accommodation and security for them as well as their families. It is mandatory for any organisation to provide these facilities as per law or regulation. For instance, any company that has a branch in a foreign country has to maintain adequate facilities there as per local laws. Similarly, an Indian company that shifts its headquarters from India to the US will also have to maintain adequate facilities here as well.

We are happy to assist commuters who may be affected by the recent changes to our transport system, particularly those who are relocating within New Zealand. For regular services such as bus, train, ferry and airportservices our fixed price policy means these costs will not change for commuters regardless of when they travel. However, changes to programs and services such as Zipcar, Peak Party Network and Ride Share may mean some variation in transport costs between now and when Commuter Commute starts.

Travelling can be the most rewarding experience of your life but when you’re relocating can be stressful. The cost of relocating can be higher than expected which means it’s always important to plan well and prevent unnecessary stress. The security provided by employers during relocation may make relocation more comfortable but it’s also important to know what to expect from local authorities when you’re relocating. Check out the Payroll Service Provider Locator to discover if there are any companies who can assist with your payroll needs during your relocation.

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