We are looking for relocation for our family not for vacation days is it possible to get rental home near Kalpetta for a long-term occupation

This is our second relocation in the last four years. Last year my parents and I decided to relocate to Bali after nearly 10 years in Germany. We rented a small house in the village of Kalpetta which at the time was considered an affordable housing option. All four members of our family are highly motivated, adaptable and hardworking. Moving has taught us that although we have certain skills and knowledge we can contribute to a different country we have yet to fully grasped our capabilities.

We are looking for relocation for our family not for vacation days. Kalpetta (population 4,000) is a lovely place with wonderful people and we want to stay yet again but it is tough to find a place that can accommodate our large family. We have searched high and low but were not able to find any suitable house for rent in the area. Therefore, we came up with an idea of renting out one additional room in our house as a nice addition to our rental unit. As it turns out, the property has been available for rent for close to 2 years now and there are actually 5 available (3 in the vicinity of Khandwa). The owners are Fazal and Amani who also happen to be brothers and also realtors by profession. Being friends for some years now, they decided to rent out one additional room in the house as this would be beneficial both for them as tenants as well as

We are looking for relocation for our family not for vacation days. Kalpee Rajendra Prospekt is a lovely place with a beautiful landscape and a lot to do in terms of activities and entertainment. But most of all it’s a magical escape from our daily life. I’ve spent years researching places which offer luxury without its … excess. The people here are always smiling and ready to facilitate any business or personal venture you bring with you with a glass of wine in hand if need be.

It is certainly possible to get a rental home near Kalpetta and during the holy month of Ramadhan. But if you are looking for a place that is practically close to your work place and also with nice amenities like swimming pool, restaurant and gated parking space, it will be necessary to spend some money on transportation and lodging as well as income for the occasional month or so while holding down a part-time job to cover your living expenses while hunting for a permanent move.

We are looking for relocation to meet the needs of our family while traveling India. Kalpetta has everything to offer, with its beautiful beaches, modern architecture and great hospitality.Being able to meet new people is also an added plus for us. Most of our friends are settled in their cities and enjoy their vacations, but we would love to come along for an extended stay. Interested applicants are welcome to send their Reservation form along with a short presentation on why you want to come to India with us. Kalpetta is an ideal place for relocation as it has developed a special atmosphere towards families with kids. Kalpetta) Muzaffarpur has more than 40 schools of education including primary, middle and high schools and colleges. With its proximity to cities such as Delhi, Mumbai or Bangalore, it makes for an ideal location for parents who want their kids to get an engineering or management degree at IIT-Kharagpur orMadras Gadgets University respectively

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